Cute Trick #1: Calc Manager’s Best Kept Secret?

Here’s an easy one I thought I’d share, since I continue to find people that don’t know about this feature. Best kept secrets are hidden in plain sight, amirite?

How often do you need to asses re-coding effort because of a potential member rename? Or maybe you’re cleaning up substitution variables (quarantine spring cleaning, anyone?) and need to search for which ones are used where? Did you know the Find feature in Calc Manager not only allows you to search for artifact names, but also code? Without exporting anything?

The deets:

In Calc Manager, right-click on any parent level in the System View, and click on Find.

Caveat, this trick does not work at the Ruleset level if you’re searching for code. However, it still works if you’re searching for ruleset names.

Screenshots below are from EPBCS, but this works in on-prem as well (at least through version, haven’t played with 11.2 yet!)

Type whatever piece of code you’re searching for. It works with partial strings and there is no need to use asterisks! Search for member names, substitution variables, text in comments, etc. Results will also -of course- show any artifacts that include your search string in the name.

Do your happy dance and marvel at how much time you saved by not having to take an export and search for code through XMLs!

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