Cute Trick #3: Adventures EPBCS in Security Migration

If you’ve ever tried migrating a native group along with its dimension access from one EPBCS pod to another, and you get a success message but nothing actually happens, here’s a trick.

Issue: An export / import of Core > Security > Access Permissions > Groups > <group_name> does not result in an error, but neither the group or its access is created.

The key is to create the group manually and re-import the access.

Note: this trick is handy as long as you don’t have too many groups or users to add by hand. If you do, a better way is to edit the Groups.csv export from the Groups and Membership node to customize what groups you want to import. But on with this example:

In your destination pod, go to Tools > Access Control > Manage Groups and manually create the group you’re trying to import.

From Tools > Migration > Snapshots re-import your group.

Import will be successful just like before, but your dimension access will actually be migrated. Check the dimension editor to verify.

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