Cute Trick #5: Calc Manager’s Format Code Button

You know how I recently wrote about a little but great Calc Manager feature hidden in plain sight? Well, what do you know, I was recently discussing some EPBCS calculation performance with my good friend Essbase Down Under, and he showed me yet another one. I’ve since shared this with a couple people that didn’t know about it either, so I thought I’d write about it!

So, it’s this little button: Format Code. And it’s staring at you right in the middle of the screen.

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Planning Cloud Security Migration Files and What’s In Them

Been having some fun with EPBCS security lately and partial / selective migrations. So many pods, so little time?

I’ve had to do these partial migrations many times before, but every time I feel like I’m starting from scratch. I figured I would create a guide of what security files are available and where under Migrations. It’s confusing enough that there are two “nodes” where you can export security from in Planning Cloud (Core > Security, and Groups and Membership). So, what do you export and from where, when you want to migrate only some groups, or a handful of users, or one group’s access, etc?

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Cute Trick #4: Navigation Flows Spring Cleaning – Users vs. Administrators

Say you’re working on a Planning Cloud project and you’ve created a custom navigation flow with your own clusters and cards. At some point the home page starts looking a little cluttered, or you may hit the cluster / card visibility limit and need to hide some things.

Or maybe you want to hide as many buttons as you can so you can keep your users focused when they log in to do their forecast, but you, as an admin, still want to see all the things.

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