Cute Trick #6: The Very Useful and Very Hidden Rules Usage Report

So you’re due for some Calc Manager spring cleaning, and you want to know which of your rules, rulesets, etc., are in use. The trusty old Forms report can tell you which business rules are attached to which forms. But did you know you can take a rules usage report and find out which Calc Manager artifacts are used in forms, menus, rulesets, etc.? Here goes an oldie and very hidden goodie.

Now, it’s not perfect. It currently doesn’t allow to export Scripts, and there is a little bug that does not allow to export Templates (internal cloud bug 32305661, expected to be fixed in the 21.04 release).

So, how do you get to it? From the hamburger, go to Monitor and Explore > System Reports > Rules Details. The drop-down menus allow you to select rules, rulesets, templates, and cubes. There is also a nifty keyword filter.

Select your preferred format at the bottom of the screen and create your report. It’ll look something like this:

As you can see, the cool thing about this report is that it not only it tells you which rules are attached to each form, it also lists rules attached to other artifacts like rulesets, menus, etc., and even rules that are not attached to anything. It’s a “full” inventory (minus scripts and soon-to-be-fixed templates), great for documentation or taking dependency inventory for cleanup. Albeit, the format of the .xlsx export is a little wonky (merged cells) and it doesn’t immediately lend itself to filtering.

Happy documenting!

PS: I’ve only tested this in Planning cloud. Let me know if you try it on-prem!

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